I am committed to providing my patients with comprehensive, progressive orthopedic care. This includes today’s most innovative and best practices to achieve optimal orthopedic function and performance. In addition to traditional orthopedic treatments and surgery, I also offer minimally invasive alternatives, utilizing state of the art technology, and integrative ortho-biologic treatments.

I believe in the body’s natural ability to heal itself and keep abreast of the latest advances and research related to orthopedics and sports medicine.

Dr. Kevin Darr is a national leader in orthopedic medicine and is currently studying alternative treatments for orthopedic conditions. He is proud to bring Cellular Therapy to Louisiana through his numerous IRB approved research studies. His research in this field is respected across the nation, as he is invited to train other doctors on these procedures.

Meet The Staff

                                           GRETCHEN BROWN, APRN, FNP-C
                                             Family Nurse Practitioner Certified

                             KEVIN F. DARR, M.D.
   Board Certified in Orthopedic Surgery,
   Orthopedic Sports Medicine, Musculoskeletal Ultrasound
    and Regenerative Medicine.


After having cell therapy on my knees a year ago, I have a lot more mobility.

I could hardly get in and out of a vehicle before and now that is no problem. Dr. Darr provided great quality of care and I have already sent quite a few of my friends to him.

–James C. November 2016

I went from extreme knee pain to nearly none. After combined cell therapy and the ARP wave, my confident range of motion is nearly 100%. I went from being incapable of jumping to jumping. This easily makes me feel 20 years younger. Outstanding staff and great care. If you have mobility problems, come here. I can really see why athletes have been using this therapy for the last several years.

-Carl Q. June 2016

After left knee Cell Therapy, I am walking with no pain-all good. Dr. Darr gave exceptional care. To a friend looking for a doctor, I would say don’t wait.

-Michael M. October 2015

I highly recommend doing the stem cell procedure to correct whatever knee difficulties you’re having. The thing that gets me the most about it is that I don’t understand why the insurance companies won’t pay for it. As a patient, my recovery time was less, I suffered less, and it’s just wonderful. I’m doing things this year that I couldn’t do last year. I’m very pleased with all of the results.

-Betty S. September 2016


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